Saturday, August 20, 2005


The Aristocrats (a variation)

Stop me if you've heard this one.
The President comes to the American people and says: Do I have a plan for you! The American people say, let's hear it.The president says: "First we bomb the shit out of a third world dictatorship that's not a threat to anyone outside of its own borders, killing a lot of inoocent people in the process. If anyone tries to say the war is unnecessary, we'll smear them and basically ruin their lives (heehee). Meanwhile, we're over in this country see, torturing prisoners, allowing the anal rape of children, looting their treasure. After a lengthy period of slaughter and destruction in which 100,000 civilians die, and thousands of our own soldiers are killed, an Islamic Theocracy comes to power, more oppressive than the government we toppled. Women have no rights, the entire region is destabilized, and terrorism is encouraged."The American People say: "Sounds horrible! What do you call it?"The President says "Operation Iraqi Freedom"

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