Thursday, October 06, 2005


Isn't that convenient?

I flipped to channel seven ABC eyewitness news in New York this afternoon. They were just starting a story about tonight's mayoral debate at the Apollo theater in Harlem. This is the debate that Bloomberg passed on, and is widely seen as a snub to the New York City black community. As the story began, there was a clip of Bloomberg walking down the street. The voiceover said (I'm paraphrasing) "tonight is the first mayoral debate, but one candidate won't be there...". at that very instant, there was a break in for Bloomberg's news conference on the terror threat in NYC's subways. The timing of it gave me a chill. Sooo....
Politically convenient coincidence, or marionette strings being pulled? Instead of looking weak and afraid to face voters at a debate, Bloomberg gets to play daddy, telling everyone to remain calm.
This is the kind of hypothesis I usually snicker at, then move on. I believe that it's likely that it is just a coincidence. After all, terrorism is real..But... There is an atmosphere of unreality that has taken over the media in recent years that makes the more sinister interpretation seem to be not a tin foil excursion, but a real possibility. The same day that Bush gives his "major" speech on the GWOT, NYC goes on alert, diverting attention from the avalanche of bad news in Republicanland. I won't attach a poll on what anyone else believes, I haven't reached any conclusions myself. It does give one pause, though.

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