Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Bush To Veterans: Drop Dead

This never would have happened under FDR or Truman. Remember that. This never happened under Clinton. Kerry, who was an actual combat veteran, would never have let this happen. Those little yellow bumper stickers won't erase your complicity in keeping these thuggish clowns in office. Selfish bastards. Free ride neoconmen. Turnstile jumpers. You want the benefits of our country, but don't feel the need to pay your way. Self made men indeed. God forbid Tim Russert has to give back his tax cut so we can fix problems like: homeless vets, hungry kids, empty firehouses, outgunned cops, families living without heat, a fraying social contract, unsafe borders. How about it, Tim? Instead of trying to get Ted Kennedy to say that evil word "tax increase", how about grilling a rich Republican about social responsibility? Why not say: "Don't you think us rich guys should kick in our fair share so those working class kids can have some kind of decent life when they return from serving our country?" Remember the GI Bill?
Remember VA home loans? Oh, but those were Democratic programs, perish the thought that the GOVERNMENT should play a role in improving people's lives. No, it's a new era, let's all pray to the supremely intelligent market voodoo forces that separate good from evil, and cast out the unworthy. We must liberate all corporations yearning to be free of the bonds of liberal democracy. Oogabooga bow to the mighty golden market forces!
Privatize everything!

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