Friday, January 07, 2005


Proud Yet?

Dear Bush voters: What's that gnawing at your conscience late at night?
You know what I'm talking about, when the daily din and blather has been shut off, the echoes of Rush, Sean, Ann, etc. have faded into the background, the spoonfed outrage has been digested and your soul feels hungry still, does the doubt rumble up from your emptiness? Whispers in the dark...What if the war is really just a deadly lie? What if it really is torture they've been doing over there, not fraternity pranks like Rush said? What if it was me, just somebody out scrounging food for his family caught by mistake, forced into naked humiliation, unbearable pain and fear. Fear that he will never see his wife or children again, forced to dig his own grave, sure this is the end, then hearing the click of the empty rifle and the laughter as his insides empty out from the terror. What if they knew, those people in the White House, what if they ORDERED IT? No, it can't be. Oh well, can't sleep now, hmm, let's see what's on, I think they rerun the Scarborough report at this hour. Thank God for Joe, all you hear from libruls is the bad news anyway...
Update (1/8): My apologies for the above post. How silly of me to assume that you might have a conscience, especially when the people being abused and slaughtered don't look at all like you.

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