Sunday, January 30, 2005


Hitting the brakes on media consolidation.

From the NY Times:
"Media companies hoping to expand their television station holdings and to own both TV stations and newspapers in the same markets suffered a setback yesterday when the Bush administration decided to abandon its challenge to a ruling that blocked the relaxation of ownership rules."

Sounds like a small victory, but they'll be back again to try and expand the grip of the media borg when public attention has drifted elsewhere. Besides, it's already gone too far and needs to be reversed.
I really love this line of bull:
[Michael Powell] "... has said that the ownership restrictions are outdated because of technological changes, like the Internet and cable and satellite television that offer viewers hundreds of channels. He maintained that the increased concentration would not hurt competition."

How many of those hundreds of channels are owned by the same handful of companies?

Is that the ownership society that Bush is talking about?????????????????????????????????????????????
Yeah, "Ownership" in a pre-civil war kind of way.
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