Sunday, January 30, 2005


Destroy The Propaganda Machine

Why am I harping on media reform? Robert Parry at Consortium News draws a chilling picture of the corruption of our information sources. It didn't start with Armstrong Williams accepting Bush administration payola to hype their programs. It certainly doesn't end there. There has been a systematic disinformation campaign underway to push the right wing agenda for a long time now. These techniques were developed during the cold war, and are now being used on the American public. Anyone who grew up during the cold war period in the U.S. remembers hearing about the communist propaganda machine, Pravda, Tass, etc. "Those poor Russians, the only news they get has been edited and sanitized to support the government viewpoint." Hmm, sounds familiar doesn't it? The difference is, the Soviets were clumsy and amateurish compared to the modern day propagandists in corporate ruled America. The people in the Eastern Bloc countries probably had a pretty good idea of just how full of crap their newscasters and journalists were. Nowadays, in our own country, people don't even feel the needle as the poison goes in. Read the article.

I agree, but disagree. I agree that the media is being used to push the reporter's beliefs, but I think that is usually promoting the left wing rhetoric.
The reporter works for a corporation. Do you think the media owners are leftists too? I doubt it. If a news reporter strays too far from the company line, how long will he keep his job?
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